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Sweet 16 Macro Pad Instructions

Step 1: Insert and solder in the pins for the Pro Micro (tip use a breadboard or bluetack to hold them in place.

Step 2: Insert and solder diodes. Note: the diode band should be oriented like the PCB marking.

Step 3: Solder the reset switch by adding solder to the pads

Step 4: (for those with plastic cases): Attach red legs/standoffs

Step 4a: (for those with plastic cases): Insert switches through the top plate and into the PCB and solder.

Step 5: (for those without plastic cases): Insert and solder switches.

Step 6: Add Pro Micro.

Ready to Program? Here’s some great ways to get started: Download QMK for the richest experience for programming the Pro Micro

Try the visual programmer with QMK:

Or use a web interface, by downloading the json here: sweet16.json which you can use at

Or just download a sample .hex here: sweet16.hex.

To upload the hex onto the ProMicro, install the arduino software and avrdudess, then press the reset button.

Need more help installing the software? Click here. FIXME (Needs a software page)

Download the measurements as a .dxf here: sweet16.dxf

3D printed case examples:

Link to purchase the Sweet16 Black

Link to purchase the Sweet16 White

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