Let's talk about switches...

There's a couple major brands you'll probably come across

  • Cherry
  • Gateron
  • Kailh
  • Outemu
  • BSUN
  • Zealio
  • and plenty more

We're not here to judge, we're just giving you insights into the world of switches.

Brands divide their switches up by color. Basically, Cherry was the first manufacturer, and so Cherry's color convention is what everyone else follows (for the most part).

Here's the common switches.

  • Black - Linear Medium
  • Red - Linear Light
  • Green - Click Medium
  • Blue - Click Light
  • Clear - Tactile Medium
  • Brown - Tactile Light

Now, you'll notice that the “heavier” switches are denoted as “medium” that's because there are some “heavy” switches made by Cherry, but they're uncommon.

Linear are a great all purpose switch, but they're also a great choice for Gamers. Click switches are great for typing, but the noise they make, means you should probably be alone. Tactile feels good like click, but is quieter (not quiet) like linear.

Lots of people swear by one switch or another, but ask anyone with multiple switches on multiple keyboards and they'll tell you it's more like rock-paper-scissors.

Each switch has advantages and disadvantages. So, as long as you get into this knowing that every choice is a good choice and every choice will leave you wanting more… you'll be fine.

A great way to find the best switch for you is to get a sample pack of switches:

Ready to take the plunge and get enough switches for your keyboard project? Check out the stock here:

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